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Is Content as a Service right for you?

Content as a Service (CaaS) changes publishing from a “push” model to an on-demand model. If you’re looking to pull content from multiple sources and incorporate more flexibility into your content operations, it may be time to consider CaaS. Here are some resources to help you get started:

The future of publishing is CaaS (webcast)

Moving to CaaS means a further separation of content and formatting, some configuration challenges, and a requirement for deeper alignment across functional groups. The payoff is in a content-on-demand model that allows for richer experiences and integrated content from various sources. Watch the webcast from Adobe DITAWORLD 2022. 

Content as a Service

With CaaS, you turn over decisions about filtering, delivery, and formatting to others—a content-on-demand model. The content owner is no longer the publisher. Instead, the content consumer controls delivery; the content owner’s responsibility ends when the content is made available to content consumers. Read more about the opportunities CaaS offers.

Content as a Service (podcasts part 1 and 2)

Patrick Bosek of Heretto chats with Sarah O’Keefe about CaaS in this two-part podcast. Part 1 dives into the basics of CaaS and some current use cases. In Part 2, Patrick and Sarah share their thoughts on what CaaS will look like when it reaches its full potential. Find out what this could mean for your organization! 

Content as a Service: The backbone of modern content operations (webcast)

Divraj Singh of Adobe and Sarah O’Keefe share some trends they’re seeing in terms of CaaS and what it means for your content delivery options. See CaaS in action.

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