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December 28, 2020

The (reluctant) best of 2020

As 2020 comes to an interesting close, let’s take a look at some of our most popular posts and podcasts from the year. 

Before you begin a content project

Undertaking a project to improve your organization’s content creation process is overwhelming. It is not easy to move into structured content, create a new taxonomy, or develop a new content delivery platform, for example. Read more for a list of things to do before you start any content project.

The benefits of a taxonomy (podcast, parts 1 and 2)

The Content Strategy Experts break down the benefits of a taxonomy in this two-part podcast. Part 1 dives into some of the basics and benefits of taxonomies. Part 2 discusses starting the process of building a taxonomy at your organization. 

Document ownership in your content development workflows (podcast)

Document ownership means answering the question, “who is responsible for the creation, review, and approval of this content?” Company politics can make this a tricky thing to navigate during a content project. Listen to the podcast and get advice about navigating document ownership and content governance. 

Enterprise content strategy maturity model 

Whether you like it or not, your prospects already use technical content. Content consumers use all information available to them and do not follow the path you might prefer. Organizations must face this reality and adapt their content strategy accordingly. We propose a maturity model for holistic content strategy, or content strategy across the enterprise.

Information architecture in DITA XML (podcast)

There are different opinions about what constitutes information architecture, especially among people working in different departments. The Content Strategy Experts discuss their definition as it applies to DITA XML and what happens when you bring different types of content together. 


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