Unsung heroes of DITA (premium)

Gretyl Kinsey / DITA3 Comments

For some content developers—especially those using DITA for the first time—any features of DITA that go beyond the basics can seem intimidating. But sometimes, a special feature of DITA might be exactly what an organization needs to solve one of its content problems and save … Read More

Managing DITA projects (premium)

Alan Pringle / DITA2 Comments

A DITA implementation isn’t merely a matter of picking tools. Several factors, including wrangling the different groups affected by an implementation, are critical to successfully managing DITA projects. Note: This post assumes you have already done a content strategy analysis, which determined the DITA standard … Read More

Webcast: Managing DITA implementation

Alan Pringle / DITA, Webinars2 Comments

In this webcast recording, Alan Pringle discusses key factors for DITA implementation success. Alan touches on the following issues: Good and bad conversion strategies Information architecture and content modeling issues Wrangling the various factions (authors, implementers, IT, and executives) CMS evaluation and vendor management

Webcast: DITA 101

Sarah O'Keefe / DITA, Webinars1 Comment

In this webcast recording, Sarah O’Keefe gives an overview of DITA, one of the major structured authoring standards in tech comm. You’ll also learn about DITA concepts, the business case for DITA, and typical scenarios where DITA is used.