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Podcast transcript

Full transcript of LearningDITA Live 2019 highlights part 1 (podcast)

Elizabeth Patterson:       Welcome to The Content Strategy Experts podcast, brought to you by Scriptorium. Since 1997, Scriptorium has helped companies manage, structure, organize and distribute content in an efficient way. In episode 46, we take a look a some of the highlights from LearningDITA Live 2019. This is the first of two podcasts featuring these highlights.

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White papers

Managing DITA projects: Five keys to success

Executive summary

You just completed a content strategy analysis. Your analysis concludes that the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) XML standard will provide a great framework for your company’s content. You are ready to set up a DITA system, but where do you start?

Implementing DITA is not just a matter of picking tools. In fact, software selection is usually the easiest part of a DITA project. This white paper describes best practices for five critical facets of a DITA project.

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White papers

The DITA business case: Maximizing content value

Coauthored by Sarah O’Keefe and Bill Swallow

Executive summary

Companies require content to support ever-increasing requirements, including:

  • Delivering content in multiple formats
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Handling content variants
  • Delivering translated content on a limited budget

This white paper describes the business justifications for investing in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)—an open source XML standard—as a foundation for content management.

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