Put the drawing tools down!

Alan Pringle / Tools5 Comments

This list of technical writing myths has a decidedly DITA slant; I don’t necessarily like the idea of DITA driving what is and isn’t acceptable practice for technical writing. That being said, I endorse the information provided about myth #4: 4. The Callouts on Graphics … Read More

Surveying the landscape

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion1 Comment

Surveys are on my mind this week. The HAT Matrix (Char James-Tanny) recently conducted a survey on help authoring tools. The raw results are available at their blog, the Mad Hatter. On the HATT list, a debate immediately erupted over whether the survey was skewed … Read More

Learning the DITA Open Toolkit

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(Scriptorium Publishing is a JustSystems Services Partner.) Simon Bate’s webinar, An Overview of the DITA Open Toolkit, is now available. This event was jointly sponsored by Scriptorium Publishing and JustSystems. The recorded version is available here (registration required). During the presentation, we did some audience … Read More