DITAlini and Chickpeas

Simon Bate / Humor1 Comment

There are times when my silly brain notices something and it just won’t let go. A few weeks ago I was leafing through a “foodie” magazine and I saw a reference to a pasta known as ditalini (“little thimbles”). Because I’ve spent the past year … Read More

Put the drawing tools down!

Alan Pringle / Tools5 Comments

This list of technical writing myths has a decidedly DITA slant; I don’t necessarily like the idea of DITA driving what is and isn’t acceptable practice for technical writing. That being said, I endorse the information provided about myth #4: 4. The Callouts on Graphics … Read More

Surveying the landscape

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion1 Comment

Surveys are on my mind this week. The HAT Matrix (Char James-Tanny) recently conducted a survey on help authoring tools. The raw results are available at their blog, the Mad Hatter. On the HATT list, a debate immediately erupted over whether the survey was skewed … Read More