Unmasking the lizards in tech comm

Alan Pringle / Opinion6 Comments

In the 1983 and 2009 versions of the TV series V, human-looking aliens visit Earth. It turns out those aliens are unfriendly reptilian creatures lurking beneath human shells. Of course, there are dramatic reveals that expose the aliens for what they really are.

Content monoculture

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion5 Comments

I’m having some trouble with the idea of “extending DITA” outside the world of technical communication. DITA is obviously important in the right environment, but should we be advocating the use of DITA for more and more content?

2011 predictions for technical communication

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion18 Comments

Predictions time! First, let’s review the 2010 post: cloud-based authoring begins to replace desktop authoring, increased adoption of XML alongside more sophisticated justifications, social media, collaboration, important new terms (content strategy [yes!] and decision engine [huh?]). I’m not sure why I thought “decision engine” was … Read More