Managing DITA projects (premium)

Alan Pringle / DITA2 Comments

A DITA implementation isn’t merely a matter of picking tools. Several factors, including wrangling the different groups affected by an implementation, are critical to successfully managing DITA projects. Note: This post assumes you have already done a content strategy analysis, which determined the DITA standard … Read More

Keys to content strategy: aligning expectations

Sarah O'Keefe / Content strategy1 Comment

An effective content strategy requires participation (preferably enthusiastic) from a diverse array of people. When you are communicating with executives, IT specialists, marketing writers, translation coordinators, and more, recognize that each participant (including you) begins with a certain set of expectations and biases.

Content strategy—cold as ice

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion1 Comment

Technical writing and marketing writing attracts people who love words and books. (This definitely includes me.) In the emerging discipline of content strategy, content is an asset. Its value is determined by what it can do for the business, not by artistic or literary merit.