Adobe DITAWORLD 2020

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Sarah O’Keefe is presenting Leveraging DITA for enterprise content needs on Wednesday, October 7th at 7:00 p.m. ET. She will explore different ways to exchange DITA content with marketing, e-learning, support, software development, and others across the enterprise. Register.  

Improving DITA workflow

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An organization’s first foray in DITA and structured content is most often driven by one of the following: Merger or acquisition: After a merger, the organization needs to refactor content workflows and so they decide to move into structured content and DITA. Localization: The organization … Read More

InDesign and DITA (webcast)

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Jake Campbell talks about how you can utilize automated processes in a high-design environment. “When we’re looking at high-design, we have a focus on form. When we’re looking at automated workflows, we’re looking at a focus on the content itself.” —Jake Campbell