DITA training call for participation

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion

One of the major challenges in implementing DITA projects is training. Although we (and others) offer fabulous live, instructor-led training, there is also a need for asynchronous learning–where can a student go to learn DITA independently? To address this need, Scriptorium is starting an open-source effort to … Read More

Breaking down content silos: expectation vs. reality

Gretyl Kinsey / Opinion

You’re probably hearing it more and more: silos are bad for your business. They discourage collaboration, lead to duplication and inconsistency, and prevent you from delivering a unified content experience to your customers. But what really happens when you try to break them down?

Taking the DITA troubleshooting topic for a spin

Carlos / Opinion

This guest post is by Carlos Evia, Ph.D., the director of Professional and Technical Writing at Virginia Tech. The DITA Troubleshooting topic is one of the “new” features in version 1.3 of the standard. However, troubleshooting has been around the DITA world for some good … Read More