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Case study Content operations

Your tech expertise + our CCMS knowledge = replatforming success

Is your team skilled in navigating your current CCMS, but unfamiliar with the system you plan to adopt? During a recent replatforming project, we worked with a team of in-house experts to build out a new CCMS. The combination of their domain expertise and our replatforming experience was a big success. The client is now self-sufficient and thriving in their new CCMS environment.

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Case study Content operations

Replatforming an early DITA implementation

Bill Swallow, Director of Operations at Scriptorium, and Emilie Herman, Director of Publishing at the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF), shared lessons learned from a DITA implementation project. 

What did we want to accomplish with our project? One was to develop a single source of truth for our content, a single system to host all of it. Secondly, we wanted to modernize our information architecture and our content models and document all of it clearly. Lastly, we wanted to futureproof our content operations and go to a digital-first workflow.

— Emilie Herman

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The challenges of replatforming content (podcast)

In episode 130 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Bill Swallow and Sarah O’Keefe talk about the challenges of replatforming content from one system to another.

Links are always a problem, especially cross-document links. Reusable content tends to be handled differently in different systems, or almost the same, but not quite, which is almost worse.

—Sarah O’Keefe

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Content operations Localization

Replatforming with localization in mind

A wise woman recently said, “replatforming structured content is annoying and expensive.” This is doubly so when it comes to localization.

Replatforming nearly always involves content change—the new system may store content differently or require a different format or structure. Although the changes may affect your existing localization process, some of these changes may be for the better.

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Podcast Podcast transcript

Replatforming your structured content into a new CCMS (podcast)

In episode 128 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Sarah O’Keefe talks with guest Chip Gettinger of RWS about why companies are replatforming structured content by moving it into a new component content management system (CCMS).

I find there’s some business change that’s happened to spark this replatforming. One is mergers and acquisitions, where two companies get together, there are two CCMSs, and one basically is chosen.

—Chip Gettinger, RWS

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Content operations XML

Replatforming structured content

Scriptorium is doing a lot of replatforming projects. We have customers with existing structured content—custom XML, DocBook, and DITA—who need to move their content operations from their existing CCMS to a new system.

These transitions, even DITA to DITA, require a solid business justification. Replatforming structured content is annoying and expensive. Most often, the organization’s needs have changed, and the current platform is no longer a good fit.

Note: This post focuses on transitions into DITA. There are surely DITA to not-DITA projects out there, but they are not in our current portfolio.

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tcworld 2024


November 5th-7th 

Join us at the largest technical communication conference in the world! Here’s where you can see the Scriptorium team in action.

So much waste, so little strategy: The reality of enterprise customer content

Speaker: Sarah O’Keefe

To allow customers to effectively use your products and services, it’s crucial to integrate your technical, learning, and support content across the enterprise. Typically, departments create these content types in isolation using incompatible systems, leading to inconsistency, inefficiency, and redundancy. This presentation advocates for a unified content operations by implementing a single source repository and shared infrastructure to improve the customer experience.

Modernizing your content management system: The challenges of replatforming 

Speaker: Bill Swallow

Technical communication organizations often need to replatform their content in a new CMS as their business needs evolve which can be costly and complex. This session covers the business justification, risks, and benefits of a replatforming project.

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ConVEx Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

April 8th – 10th

Join the Scriptorium team at ConVEx Minneapolis! Here’s where you can see our team in action.


AI panel: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Monday, April 8th at 10:15 am

Sarah O’Keefe will share insights on the pros and cons of AI alongside other industry experts Dawn StevensVal Swisher, and Rob Hanna.


Content Strategy Nightmares: Cautionary tales

Monday, April 8th at 4:45 pm

Monday afternoon, Sarah and Dawn will share experiences of content strategy projects gone wrong, including what lessons you can learn to avoid these pitfalls.


Replatforming an early DITA implementation

Tuesday, April 9th at 4:45 pm

In this talk, Bill Swallow (Scriptorium) and Emilie Herman (Financial Accounting Foundation) share lessons learned and advice for setting your DITA replatforming project up for success.


Introducing the Component Content Alliance

Wednesday, April 10th at 11:15 am

Bill Swallow will also be on a panel led by Marianne Calilhanna to talk about a new and exciting resource for content professionals; the Component Content Alliance.


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Register on the conference website.

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