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Getting writers excited about DITA

We’ve had the pleasure of implementing DITA in many companies both large and small. Unfortunately, writers almost always have some trepidation about the move. At the same time, there’s a lot for writers to get excited about!

Here are some common remarks from writers—along with responses to encourage a positive outlook about the change.

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Content ops stakeholders: Content consumers (podcast)

In episode 121 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Alan Pringle and Bill Swallow talk about content consumers as content ops stakeholders.

“If you look up a restaurant on your phone and go to view the menu, most of the time, that menu is going to be a PDF. And you are sitting there, zooming in, scrolling around, and pinching, and trying to read this menu that really should have just been a responsive HTML page.”

– Bill Swallow

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Content ops stakeholders: Tech support (podcast)

In episode 118 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Bill Swallow and Sarah O’Keefe discuss content ops stakeholders in tech support.

“If you are delivering multi-hundred page PDFs to your tech support people, then I can assure you that your tech support people hate you. Opening a 600 page document and then having to search through it while you’re on the phone under all this pressure is not the experience that you want.”

– Sarah O’Keefe

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Content strategy

Content Transformation book release!

Digital content is great, but sometimes, I really need the experience of a physical book. To celebrate Scriptorium’s 25th anniversary, we have published a collection of our most popular white papers. All of these featured white papers are available (for free!) on our website, but if you’re having one of those days where only a book will do…this one is for you.

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Content as a Service (podcast, part 1)

In episode 116 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Sarah O’Keefe and Patrick Bosek of Heretto talk about Content as a Service.

“Do we still have places where building a static site or a static set of help materials makes a lot of sense? Totally. But there’s a natural aspect of dynamic changing content. If that content is going to be a little bit different based on who or where or when you access it, then you can’t build it statically. That’s one of the things you’ll never get from a PDF.”

– Patrick Bosek

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